Transform Your Utility

We're building an AI utility-engine to help grid managers, operators, engineers, resource planners, and field crews modernize today's grid faster. Our focus is utilizing AI in 6 key areas: workforce development, asset management, grant funding, load forecasting, technology research, and emissions tracking.

AI Utility Engine - Key Features

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Workforce Development

Create AI-Assistants for your procedures, manuals, and processes.

High voltage power transmission towers

Asset Management

Use machine learning for predictive maintenance analytics for your utility equipment.

A man is working by using a laptop computer on vintage wooden table. Hands typing on a keyboard. Top view.

Grant Funding

Use generative AI to research and write grant proposals.

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Load Forecasting

Accurately predict electrical loading with AI powered forecasting.

Production worker clicks a dollar with arrow up and down button on a virtual panel. Wealth Money Industry concept. Professional mechanism to produce money.

Technology Research

Use generative AI to research new technologies with automated reporting.

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Emissions Tracking

Simulate and automate emissions tracking.

About us

We specialize in creating innovative solutions that combine electric utilities with artificial intelligence. We deliver high-quality software products tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Partner with and unlock the full potential of AI for your utility.